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    Shanghai East futures Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai East Futures) is established in1993, which is the earliest and most professional Futures Company in China.Current business scope includes: commodity futures brokerage business, riskmanagement business, asset management business. And we intend to apply forfinancial futures brokerage, investment consulting and other services. 

    We are the member of ShanghaiFutures Exchange (SHFE), Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) and ZhengzhouCommodity Exchange (ZCE). We are capable of providing specialized commoditybrokerage services for institutional, professional and individual investors.Our company founded the Research Institution, which regularly publishesresearch reports about macro-economy and various kinds of commodity-tradingstudy reports, aiming at providing customers with professional, personalizedinvestment advices as well as hedging, arbitrage trading and other schemes. TheCTP integrated trading platform possess three major characteristics, the openAPI interface, high- performance trading system and high-speedtelecommunication lines from the three Exchanges, integrating further andbetter technological resources to provide the most high-end strategies to thewhole futures industry. Relying on the powerful research and analysis ofcommodity industry chain and spot goods trading resources, we provide a fullset of risk management business for customers of spot goods industry chain invirtue of Shanghai Yushang Resources International Trade Co., Ltd.

     In the future, we will focuson the development of financial futures, options and other derivativesbrokerage business areas, so that the core business of asset management, risksub companies, Internet futures and other business to become the company'sprofit growth points, innovation and development simultaneously, to create thefutures-industry's leading international futures listed Corporation.

    At present, in the occasionof the adjustment of the industry, East Futures is optimistic about the futureof the industry. We are cordially inviting the ambitious talents with abundantresources, full knowledge of management to join us, strive together and share insuccess!

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